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White and Blue Decorative Stencil on Tiled Fireplace

Now, this is out of the ordinary, but I think that the bold idea of my clients is extraordinary. This is a homeowner who wants her living room to give a statement, and not settle for just the builder-grade beige tile that adorned the fireplace.

Stencil Fire Place with Hale Navy Accent Wall

She decided to hire me to paint the tile blue then use a stencil to paint the pattern white.

Here is my process for painting stencil on tiles. First, clean the area to remove all dust and dirt. Second, lightly scuff sand the tile with 80-grit sandpaper to give the primer some roughness to stick to. Third, clean the tiles again.

Before Photo

Next mask of all the adjacent surfaces to protect them from getting unwanted paint on them. I then applied a bonding primer, in this case Benjamin Moore Stix, to the tiles. I use Stix because it bonds to nearly everything, its water-based, and dries fast.

After the Stix was dry I painted the painted the tiles with some interior satin paint in the Benjamin Moore color Hale Navy. I used a combination of brush and roller for paint application. It took two coats of hale navy to get complete coverage.

I had to touch up some Tiles after I removed the Masking

After giving ample time for the hale navy color to dry I started working on the stencil work. I taped the stencil to hold it in place. I used a 1/4 inch nap roller to roll over the stencil. I carefully removed the stencil and move to the next tile.

During the Stenciling Process

The whole process didn’t take too long, but I recommend having two stencils on hand. Let one dry while using the other.

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