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What to Paint First: Trime or Walls

Applying a fresh coat of paint to your Surfside home will increase your house’s curb appeal. A freshly painted home will make your home look great, whether the home is a vacation rental, a vacation home, or your primary residence. Ainsworth Painting provides exterior painting services.

Paint the Ceiling First

Start with painting the ceiling.  The ceiling should be painted first when painting a room.  Start by applying paint in the corners with a quality paintbrush.  There is no need to brush (cut-in) a perfect line when painting in the corners because you are going to cover up any paint on the walls when you brush (cut-in) the walls.  With your paintbrush, paint the ceiling about 2 – 4 inches off the wall, which will allow ample space to roll the ceiling. Roll the ceiling out with a quality paint roller.  Allow the paint to dry. Paint a ceiling with flat sheen paint.

If you need tips on How to Paint a Ceiling visit this article: How to Paint a Ceiling without Making a Mess

Paint the Walls

Paint the walls next. Paint the walls second will allow you to get a straight line where the wall meets the ceiling. Start by brushing, or cutting-in as we painters like to say, the top of the walls using a quality paintbrush. Cutting in the paint about 4 – 6 inches from the ceiling will give you enough space to roll the paint on the wall. Then cut-in any doors, windows, corners, and baseboards. Follow the brush work with painting the walls with a roller.

Paint the Trim Last for Crisp Lines

Paint the trim last to get crisp lines. Paint the trim last allows you to paint the baseboards and door casing without tape. You can paint without tape because it is easy to paint a straight line on a smooth trim. Additionally, painting the trim last allows you to cover up any paint drips or spatter from the walls.

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