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Interview with a Cabinet Painter

As the homeowner, your most important job is selecting the best cabinet painter. Because hiring the wrong person could have disastrous results. You would not only lose the money you paid the wrong guy, but you will also have to pay someone to repair his work, or worse, buy new cabinets.

While the process of selecting a painter for your kitchen cabinet makeover can feel daunting, here are some sample questions to ask when interviewing. Some of these there is no “right or wrong” answer to the question, but more to make you stop and think about your preferences.

Do you spray the door, or do you brush and roll them? (You should always insist on seeing a sample of their work to approve their technique. Are you okay with seeing brush strokes on your cabinetry)

We spray the doors, drawers, and cabinet bases/frames. We find that spraying the bases/frames gives the most professional finish. We can provide a sample door.

Am I required to empty all my cabinets and drawers during the project?

We require that you empty your cabinets and drawers. We mask off the interior section of your bases/frames from dust and debris. However, to better protect your possessions, we ask that you remove them.

Do you paint the doors on-site at the house? or Do you take them off-site? How much space are you going to need to paint?

Doors and drawer fronts are taken off-site. We treat each job the way we would like it to be done. We don’t set up long ladders and drop clothes to spray all your doors at once at your home. We take the doors off-site and prep and paint them in a controlled environment the right way. Also, you don’t have to worry about us taking up your garage for a week.

Are you (the painter) insured if something happens like a spilled gallon of paint on new floors or carpet?

We are insured for $1,000,000 general liability.

Do you offer one free year of touch up service and a three-year warranty on the paint?

We do!

What do you use for primer?

We work primarily with professional-grade primers. Primer promotes adhesion and is the best way. If a painter tells you that the products they use don’t require a primer, they are cutting corners.

Prep is the most critical step, what is your prepping process? (No Compromise Here)

Every inch of your cabinets get cleaned, deglossed, and sanded thoroughly. We want to make sure the paint has proper adhesion.

Do you use an industrial coating designed for kitchen cabinets? or Do you use trim paint from a big box store?

We use industrial coatings meant for painting cabinets. Our coatings are KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers of America) approved! Meaning they are meant to withstand the abuse of a kitchen. Also, the look and feel amazing.

Do you know how to consult on which sheen to use? Are you well versed in the pros and cons?

We have the confidence to stand behind our recommendations and comfortably explain the pros and cons of satin, semigloss, and gloss.

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