Interior Painting Service

Gain & Maintain

Our approach to interior painting service is to provide extreme care to your home. We strive to gain and maintain your trust throughout the painting of your home. We realize that hiring a professional painter can be a big investment, but we firmly believe that a professional paint job inside your home is a worthy one.

Why you should hire Ainsworth painting?

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Experience – We are experienced painters, but we don’t believe experience is enough!  We implement a systemized approach to each and every paint job.  We call these our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Our SOPs ensure that each customer not only gets a job that looks good today but is durable enough to look 10 years down the road.

Value – We add a massive amount of value to your home. We add value by having the knowledge and skills to provide you with an equally durable and beautiful paint job.

Guarantee – We guarantee that we will not cut any corners and provide you an outstanding paint job according to the contract.

Ainsworth Painting is a leading paint contractor for interior painting services. Our expert interior painters have years of experience and can make your living room, bedroom, family room, kitchen, office, and bathroom look new again. The painters begin by preparing the surface, removing old flaking paint, washing dirty areas, filling in cracks and dents, and sanding any rough areas. Ainsworth Painting’s painters then apply one, two, or three layers of primer and paint as needed to create a long-lasting high-quality finish.