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How to Paint a Room Like a Pro

On Monday I got a message from a Lisa, a homeowner, in my service area that was looking to hire a professional painter to help finish a media room that they started to paint.  After painting one wall they realized that they may need to hire a professional for her interior painting project.  During a conversation with Lisa, she explained to me that painting was much more difficult than she first had thought and considerably more time-consuming.

Lisa sent me this picture of her DIY painting woes.

DIY Painting Woes

I quoted Lisa a fair price to paint a room and after careful consideration sent me this message:

Vacation Home Painting in Surfside, TX

While I may not have won Lisa interior painting project, I realized that there are homeowners in the area that would rather attempt DIY painting than invest money in a professional painter to achieve quality results. In such cases, I want to help people get the best finish possible.

One thing that will help a room look like it’s been painted by a Professional is to paint in the right sequence.

That is why I have found and would like to share some resources I found that teaches the basic steps of painting a room.  I found some great videos on How to Paint a Room that are share-worthy.

How to cut in a room

How to paint the walls

Paint Supply List

Getting the right equipment together before you start your painting a room is very important. I put together a cheat sheet of all the tools and supplies that you will likely need for painting a room.

Painting Supplies

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