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How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Bedroom?

I get this question all the time, and that is because the price to paint a room is always a deciding factor for homeowners. Moreover, if you ask ten different painters, you are likely going to get ten different answers. Some painters will be on the low-end, and some will be extremely high priced. However, hopefully, you would get a cluster of estimates somewhere in the middle.

Contract pricing differs because each painting contractor company has different labor and overhead cost, as well as varying profit margins.

The two factors that contribute to the cost of painting a room are labor cost (how long will it take) and material cost (what paint will be used).

You can expect a painter to price is work between $25 – $75 per hour depending on his experience. Depending on the quality you can expect the paint to cost around $30 – $60 per gallon.

According to, it cost between $380 to $790 to paint a room.

If you are here to learn how much I charge for interior painting of a small bedroom, I typically price my rooms between $300 – $475.

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