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House Painting Before or After Moving In, Which is Better?

You just bought a new home, and you are chomping at the bit to move in. But hold on one sweet minute, you need to paint the inside of our new house. There are a lot of logistics involved in a move, and now you need to plan your painting project. So what is better, to paint before you move in or after. You maybe think you can paint after you move in, but painting is best done before you move in your possessions.

No Need to Move Furniture

Painting the inside of your home is most efficient when it is done in an empty house. Painting before moving into your new home allows the painters to have room to work and paint without the need to move and protect the furniture or other belongings. It is crucial to adequately protect the floors, fixtures, and furnishing before painting a room. If there isn’t any furniture in the home, there would be no need to move it or worrying about possible damage.

Avoid Wet Paint

Painting before moving into your home, allows the paint to be completely dry before moving your possessions into your new home. If you paint after you move in, it is possible that moving the belongs back into place could touch wet paint, damaging both the wall and furniture.

Saves Time and Labor

Interior painting before you move into your home can save you time and labor costs. Painting before moving in your possessions results in you not having to move heavy furniture back and forth after a room is finished. You save more money when you pay less for labor. If your painting contractor is painting in an empty home, it is likely he can complete the paint job in one go, without having to make multiple separate visits.

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