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Front Door Refinished in Pecan Grove

This front door in Richmond, TX in the Pecan Grove subdivisions was weather damaged and in need of refinishing. The homeowner called Ainsworth Painting to refinish the front door with a matching stain.

Before: Sun Damaged, Weathered Wood Door

Once Ainsworth Painting arrived the door was removed from the hinges, and placed on padded sawhorses so that the refurbishment could begin. The existing finish was completely removed using a combination of chemical stripper and sanding.

Once the door was restored to bare wood, only then could a premium stain be applied. One of Ainsworth Painting’s favorite stains is ZAR stains. In this case, the homeowner chose to stain the door with the color Aged Bourbon. ZAR stains are incredibly easy to apply and have great uniformity.

ZAR Stain Applied. Stain Color is Aged Bourbon

Once the stain was allowed time to dry, two coats of premium exterior polyurethane were applied to the door. The door was hung back on the hinges and the lockset reinstalled.

Finished Door

If you live in the Richmond, TX area and your front door is weathered and in need of refinishing, give Ainsworth Painting a call at 979-922-5920.

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