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Your thoughts may be, isn’t all paint the same? Don’t you just put it on the house? Absolutely Not! Exterior Painting is more than only increasing curb appeal. The exterior paint on your home is a barrier that protects your home from mother nature’s harmful elements. Furthermore, exterior paint is the first line of defense for the outside of your home. The only thing more important than the paint is the processes used to prepare and apply it. Because without proper preparation and application, it doesn’t matter what paint you choose, it will eventually fail.

Ainsworth Painting is proud to offer our exterior house painting service.

We realize that homeowners are pretty busy and want painting estimates fast. That is why we promise to give you a quote within 24-hours of your estimate.

Exterior painting is all about the prep. We have found this is where a lot of painting companies skimp on the process. Yes. preparing for an exterior painting is essential for lasting and fine results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does an Exterior Paint Job Last?

Texas weather can be pretty brutal on your paint. The sun’s UV rays start to damage your home from the very first day it’s painted. That is why it is important to have applied quality paint to your home. Quality paint applied properly should last at least 10 years before you need to repaint. However, if a budget paint is used you may only get a couple of years out of it before the colors start to fade.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint the Outside of My House?

Cost is dependent on the scope of the work, what the surface conditions are, what the desired color scheme is, and how much materials will be needed. The best way to understand cost is to schedule a consultation where we get a complete understanding of what your goals are and what will be required to complete the project.

How Long Does it Take to Paint a Whole House from Start to Finish?

Depending on size, building materials, amount of paint failure, a typical 1500 square foot home with a moderate amount of paint failure and simple color scheme could take 1 week with a 2 man crew.

How Many Coats of Paint do I Need on my Home?

A couple of factors affect this decision. On the exterior, we use a very thick primer and a top coat of the highest quality paint made by Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. If you are staying in the same color or just a shade off then one coat of each will cover just fine. If the color is going to change dramatically, then we use 2 coats of exterior paint. We occasionally will do two coats on the sunny side of the house and one elsewhere but normally we encourage you to use two coats.