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Antiqued Oak Cabinets with White and Blue Paint

I paint a lot of cabinets. Most of the cabinets I paint for clients are usually going from stained cabinets to some varying shade of white. So when a client wants to do something a little different I get really excited. A client in West Columbia, TX didn’t want a kitchen cabinet makeover, she wanted her kitchen unique to her. She wanted her kitchen cabinets to be antiqued.

Antiqued Cabinets with Hale Navy and Swiss Coffee Colors

She wanted blue (hale navy) under a creamy white (swiss coffee). These cabinets were cleaned, sanded, primed, and painted. After the cabinets were painted we sanded down the creamy white color to reveal the navy blue underneath. The results were unique and beautiful.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Project in West Columbia, TX

If you are located around West Columbia, TX and looking to have your kitchen cabinets painted by a professional, contact Ainsworth Painting for a free estimate.

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